Metro Cleveland Security, Inc. has the most stringent recruitment policy in the security industry. A comprehensive battery of tests and background checks has been designed to ensure the outstanding caliber of all Metro's guards.

These rigorous screening methods have been established to provide Metro‘s clients with tangible assurances of the high quality of all security personnel in the facilities.

As a result of these testing procedures, Metro Cleveland Security, Inc. has earned the reputation of being one of the most selective agencies in the industry.

The expense of this recruitment process is high, but the long-term benefits have proven to be highly effective. Metro Cleveland Security, Inc. now offers clients an undiluted source of security personnel with virtually none of the problems associated with other guard firms. In short, Metro clients are guaranteed a comfort level knowing that they have received the best possible candidate available for the job.




All candidates, including management personnel, must complete a comprehensive screening process to establish reliability and trustworthiness.

  • Criminal Check — Complete back to age of majority.
  • Previous Employment Check — For periods of employment and unemployment. Reasons for leaving/termination from previous employers.
  • Educational Check - High School diploma or equivalent. Attendance, reliability and trustworthiness checked.
  • Reference Check - Applicant-provided references and expanded references that have been developed.
  • Polygraph Testing - The use of polygraph by an independent source is available upon client request.




Metro Cleveland Security, Inc. has established universal policies and procedures for all security personnel.

  • Orientation - Upon employment, company polices and basic procedure are explained in detail to a new officer.
  • Field Training - A security officer then shadows a senior officer for as long as is needed to pass a field test on the post orders and site-specific procedure.
  • Probationary Period - Once training is complete, a security officer will be assigned to a duty post. During the initial 30 days at the post, the officer will be evaluated by on-site supervision and branch management. lf, for any reason, job performance is not up to standard, corrective action will be taken. This can include more training, reassignment or removal from duty.
  • Continued Education — information is continually updated and presented in on-going training so that all Metro personnel are made aware of the latest in security practices, equipment, and changes in the law.

         Note: You must be 21 years of age to work for this company


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